Membrane Test Equipment

We have several membrane test rigs that we make and use internally; the one I use the most often --test rigs for hydrogen permeable membranes the one I did most of my research with -- is shown at right. It is a single-membrane test rig sealed by a conflat flange at its base. Feed passes through an internal annulus for temperature uniformity; hydrogen goes through the membrane wall; purified hydrogen exits via a 3/8" exit tube in the flange. There is also a thermocouple well. The membrane is connected to the exit tube via a swagelok union and (typically) graphite ferrules. The membrane end is sealed with a swagelok cap. I sell special, drilled out swageloks and graphite ferrules on our website. Generally we seal these rigs with graphite-steel gaskets that allow us to study hydrogen extraction at pressures up to 250 psi (18 bar) and 450 C.

We also use and sell a similar rig suitable for testing multiple membranes simultaneously. The multiple tube apparatus saves some time when we compare coatings and other properties. I have not offered this for sale on our website, but would quote it if someone asked.

More recently we've begun using and selling test eqiupment a higher temperature and pressure test rig, shown below. These are sealed with swageloks thoughout and are typically 18" tall.
high pressure apparatus for operation up to 600 psi or 600C

We sell a standard furnace for use with these devices, or for use with our membrane reactors. If you already have a vertical tube furnace, you won't need to buy one. For low temperature experiments, you don't need a furnace and can use heat tape and a simple controller.