Introducing a new hydrogen separator design with an internal annulus heat exchanger for improved energy efficiency.

July 8, 2011: In the New hydrogen separator cell design, shown below, right, the extracted, pure hydrogen flows into the upper dome, while preheating the cold, impure hydrogen that enters counter-current, through a matching annular channel. This design saves energy and cools the exiting pure hydrogen (a safety advantage). Currently, this design is available only on our 25, 26, and 50 slpm hydrogen separator cells and on the complete Mr. Hydrogen, hydrogen purifiers in this size. 
New Pd separator based on palladium membranes with internal heat exchange

As with our previous Pd based hydrogen extractors, hydrogen purification with this cell is 100% selective. Further, because the heat exchange is at higher temperature than in competing purifiers, we quickly bake out water from the stainless steel. The practical limit of hydrogen purity in most purifiers is only 99.999995% because water degasses from the stainless steel of external heat exchangers used to cool the product hydrogen to acceptable levels. We believe this deign avoids this purity limit, providing cleaner hydrogen than possible with external, air cooled heat exchanger. Based on our patent: 5,888,273.

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