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REB Research & Consulting manufactures hydrogen purifiers, membrane reactors, hydrogen generators, and other hydrogen-related products. We also provide consulting, water-gas shift catalysts, reforming catalysts, furnaces, hydrogen getters, and hydrogen barrier coats. It was founded in 1987 by Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum to make use of his expertise in metal based hydrogen separation. How can we help you?

Introducing a new look for our hydrogen purifiers
Mr Hydrogen, Hydrogen Purifier

Mr Hydrogen, Pd-membrane-based hydrogen purifier for use with gas chromatographs, integrated circuits, or biological processes to extract hydrogen. Most commonly used with bottled hydrogen to provide a low-cost source of ultrapure hydrogen 99.99995% for research and development. Output sizes to 750 slpm. Deuterium/ tritium versions are available.

Recent News

July 2014: New hydrogen/ oxygen/ water getter developed based on calcium fillaments in an aluminum matrix. A non-flammable way to extract hydrogen and active gasses.

May 2014: Mr Hydrogen gets a new look (see above).

April 2014: We got an order for hydrogen work on Boeing's new hydrogen-powered drone airplane.

October 2013: Quite a bit of interest in tritium extraction and purification this month. Key issues include permeation barriers, and redundant control.

March 2013: We've redesigned our small-output, band-heated hydrogen purifier cells; they are now smaller and cheaper. Check our new, lower prices.

January 2013: Robert Buxbaum starts a blog of his random ideas on hydrogen, business, and the world. I try not to be dull.

December 2012: Development of a new, lower cost, higher pressure output hydrogen generator: 90 psi output, 220-600 sccm, membrane purified gas for use as the carrier or detector gas in chromatographs.

November 2012: We ship our largest hydrogen purifier ever, 750 slpm.

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