Chemist v Chemical Engineer joke

What’s the difference between a chemist and a chemical engineer?


How much they make.


I made up this joke up as there were no other chemical engineer jokes I knew. It’s an OK double entente that’s pretty true — both in terms of product produced and the amount of salary (there’s probably a cause-and-effect relation here). Typical of these puns, this joke ignores the internal differences in methodologies and background (see my post, How is Chemical engineering?). If you like, here’s another engineering joke,  a chemistry joke, and a dwarf joke.

R.E. Buxbaum –  June 28, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Chemist v Chemical Engineer joke

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  4. David J Smith (@Smith_D_J)

    On a similar theme, more of a saying than a joke but there is one that I heard from a VP of Engineering in my company which goes like ….. what’s the difference between an engineer and a scientist ? An engineer makes money (i.e., for his company) whereas a scientist just spends money!


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